Take Your Game to the Next Level

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” –Peter F. Drucker

Regardless of if we have had a recent “win” or a recent “loss”, we can take our game, i.e., our businesses, careers, families, and personal lives, to the next level.

Winning teams and individuals find ways to elevate their performance through hard work, expanding their knowledge, or getting coaching on a particular area.

We can actually find inspiration in each situation regardless of whether it feels “good” or “bad”.

It doesn’t matter what the recent result was, it matters what we do after the result. The results, “good” or “bad” are what they are, but in order to improve results, we must improve ourselves.

We can turn any circumstance in our favor, especially if we learn from it.

We can learn what to do and what not to do. We can learn from watching the successes and setbacks of others.

We can actually maintain momentum in the midst of an apparent “defeat” and accelerate momentum after a recent “win”, especially when we extract the knowledge that the recent event is offering us. We can do this be doing reflection and self-inquiry.

We can ask ourselves, “What could I have done better…why did I get that particular result…what small change will accelerate my progress for the next go round?”

It is not always the big changes that yield big results, it is often the minor adjustments that seem to move insurmountable mountains.

Author and speaker, Mike Murdock says, “Small keys open big doors.” Use the knowledge from your most recent results, make minor adjustments, take your game to the next level, and enjoy continued success.

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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