Manage Change Daily

“To change your life, change something you do in your daily routine.” –Mike Murdock

Change can be a challenge to our minds, our careers, our businesses, and our families.

Change is a lot easier to deal with if it is understood that change must happen and will happen whether we “like” it or not.

Change is a lot easier to deal with when we realize change does not have to be dreaded; we can actually welcome and look forward to change.

Change is a lot easier to deal with when we put systems in place to manage it.

The reason that we don’t have to fear chaos is that we do have the power to create order.

Creating order is a form of management.

We can manage change. One of the easiest ways to manage change is to manage it daily.

We can make smoother transitions in the midst of a course adjustment by daily oversight of our activity.

If we try to change one habit on a daily, gradual basis, we will make significant and accelerated progress.

Managing “problem” areas in our lives, careers, and businesses on a daily basis will take mountains down to the size of mole hills.

Areas of our lives, careers, and businesses that once seemed insurmountable and impossible now become accomplished areas of improvement and progress, all because we chipped away at the problem a little bit every day.

Take a significant area of your life, business, family, or career that you would like to see change in and act like it is a game. Act like it is not really a big deal and that it is a “project” that you will make progress on a little bit at a time. Think of it as a masterpiece that you are creating just like a world-class sculptor, painter, or composer. You make a little change here today, a minor adjustment there tomorrow, and before you know it the area that was once a problem now has found a workable solution.

Change may often “feel” uncomfortable but you can make it work for you if you manage change daily.

Be aggressive about making the changes that are needed in your life, business, or career. Get excited about it, put a plan and system in place, get to work on the area of challenge and make daily progress. Before you know it, you will likely make a beautiful masterpiece out of what was once a horrendous mess. Positive change can often happen for you when you decide to manage change daily with consistent and effective activity. You only have to commit to do it, one day at a time.

Comeback Questions:

What area of your life needs the most change?

What small action can you implement today that will bring change to this area of your life?

Simply commit to do this same action tomorrow and repeat the process daily until the area changes.

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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