Taking Time for Self

Impress yourself, instead of trying to impress someone else.

Find the path that brings you authentic fulfillment.

It is time to stop doing tasks that never needed to be done in the first place.

Time is a precious commodity. Re-evaluate where you are investing time, based upon your return on investment.

Family comes before work.

Friends are important because they help you to unearth your potential and inspire you to be all that you can.

It’s time to start doing for yourself some of the things that you are doing for someone else.

You give, give, and give to others so that they can improve, but when are you going to celebrate yourself for the moves that are going to facilitate your own breakthrough?

The money that you generate from overtime and long hours on a project are no good if you have no time to spend with yourself and those that matter the most.

Reassess what projects you are presently involved in and see what you can cut away in order to be free.

There is no special badge or award that is reserved for those that work so hard that they run themselves into the ground, ruin their health, or never have time to spend with others or with themselves.

There is no need to beat up on yourself for over committing to projects in the past or present, just take steps now to change the course of those events.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not merely endured.

You deserve the best; you deserve to have some rest.

Allow stress to roll off of your chest as you start moving away from the lesser things and choose to start moving with determination and focus toward the best things.

This is your year for dynamic, uncommon, and positive change.

Expect the best, get some rest, and I am confident that you will pass any upcoming test.

It’s ok to impress yourself sometimes, instead of trying to impress someone else.

If you don’t take time for self, you won’t have time for anyone else anyway.

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist



Action Plan

One written plan that you act on is more powerful than a million thoughts that you only ponder on.
What ideas have been swirling in your head that you have refused to act on?

What one thing if you acted on right now would turn your world around for the better?

What is really holding you back?

What person have you been thinking about reaching out to for assistance?

Why couldn’t you experience uncommon success?

If it has been done before it can be done again.

There is no need to add “back-story”, guilt, shame, and blame to the fact that you have not acted on a thought, simply decide what you want to create and take action now.

Today is your life, now is all you’ve got. Don’t mess up now thinking about yesterday.

This moment is the most important moment in your life, for what you do in this moment will decide what future you create.

It’s time to write down your success thought and take action on bringing it to pass.

The most effective action plan is the one that you act on.

Make it a great day.

Comeback Question: What are you allowing to hold you back from taking effective action?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist