When Purpose is Declared, Time Will Be Managed

When you declare a strong purpose to your day time will be managed.
When you declare a strong purpose to your day, self-control is a non-issue.

Most people automatically assume that they are dysfunctional or have some psychotic problem that no one else has when they can’t seem to manage their time.

I find that this is often not the case.

First of all, it may be better to manage your actions versus trying to manage time since time stands still for no man.

Really what we are trying to do is manage our life actions.

It is super simple to manage your actions and even your emotions when you have a strong enough sense of purpose about your day or whatever project you are working on.

My life coach, Steve Chandler, just published a phenomenal book called, “Time Warrior”.

In his book, he talks about how to slay procrastination and the perceived things that we think are holding us back from taking the actions that we should take.

One of the master keys that he talks about is simple and pure action.

People usually don’t take consistent, daily action on a certain task or set of tasks because they don’t really mean anything to them.

For example, laundry may not be a significant enough sense of purpose to get you moving.

However, if you have booked a flight to Santa Monica, California for tomorrow at 7:00AM, your entire life changes and rearranges to accommodate the flight. For some reason, the flight to Santa Monica was more than a sufficient sense of purpose to get you moving and to “manage your actions”.

You were fully packed 3 days ago, processed a stop mail delivery request at the post office, and laid out the close that you are going to wear tomorrow on the flight with the upcoming day’s itinerary of fun filled activities neatly laid on top.

It is not that you don’t know how to manage time; it is often that we have not created a strong enough sense of purpose. Revisit your goals daily and make sure to have a daily goal or sense of purpose that is exciting enough to get you into action. Make it fun, make it a game and things WILL get done.

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”



The Unlimited Self

The Unlimited Self is that you that you really want to be.

The Unlimited Self is you without restrictions and doubts and fears.

The Unlimited Self is who you were really created to be.

The Unlimited Self is the confident you.

The Unlimited Self is the creative you.

The Unlimited Self is the fearless you.

The Unlimited Self is your real potential unlocked.

The Unlimited Self is the real you unhindered.

The Unlimited Self is when you feel completely at peace and completely fulfilled.

The Unlimited Self is the version of you that gets things done.

The Unlimited Self is the version of you that has the most fun.

The Unlimited Self is what you have always yearned to be.

Challenge yourself beyond the limits of expectations and trepidations.

Challenge yourself to create the kind of day and the kind of life that you know that you really want.

No one deserves to live an Unlimited Life more than you.

The only thing that is required is that you just “do”, just “do” you.

Live Unlimited.

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”



Accelerated Comebacks






Making Things Happen



Confusion is counterproductive.

The vast majority of people seem to take what is simple and make it complicated.

If you want to stand out and be uncommon and be successful, become a master at making the complicated simple.

Find ways to make things easier on yourself and on others.

Making things simple is fun.

You can make a beautiful game out of taking what is complex and making it practical.

It has been said, if what you’re doing isn’t fun then you are not doing it right.

Most people run from the complex because it causes them mental and emotional pain and anguish.

You can be different by taking every day work tasks and breaking them down to their most basic component.

You may find that you don’t need half of what you have. If that is the case then get rid of it.

My definition of frustration is doing something over and over again that never needed to be done in the first place.

When you simplify your processes and your life you will reduce a lot of stress and strife.

It takes courage and intelligence to make the complex things into simple things. You have both courage and intelligence so there is no reason why you cannot get started simplifying your life right now.

As you simplify, you will clarify. As you clarify you will be more effective. As you are more effective you will accelerate your success and as you accelerate your success you will increase your joy.

Go ahead and get started right now. It is really very simple.

Question: Why do you think people make things harder than they need to be?

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”



Make Things Happen

This is the moment to take action.
Excuses are irrelevant because your actions will always take precedence.

Everyone has dreams and challenges always seem to loom as impediments, but nothing overcomes a challenge like focused and consistent action.

No one has ever truly moved forward in a successful and relevant way by playing the victim.

It is the ownership mentality that gets things done.

Own your life, own your destiny, own this moment that you are standing in.

No matter what you are facing, you can win; you can overcome, if you will only take action on what you can control.

Never worry about what you can’t control or what you can’t do.

Only focus on what is possible for you and determine to do all that you can do now to move things forward in the most significant and efficient way.

If you focus on what you can do today and simply take small steps along that pathway, you will find yourself standing in the winner’s circle more often than you expected.

Make things happen one simple action at a time.


What is the single greatest challenge standing in the way of you achieving a significant goal?

What is the one thing that you will do today to overcome that challenge?

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”