Make Things Happen

This is the moment to take action.
Excuses are irrelevant because your actions will always take precedence.

Everyone has dreams and challenges always seem to loom as impediments, but nothing overcomes a challenge like focused and consistent action.

No one has ever truly moved forward in a successful and relevant way by playing the victim.

It is the ownership mentality that gets things done.

Own your life, own your destiny, own this moment that you are standing in.

No matter what you are facing, you can win; you can overcome, if you will only take action on what you can control.

Never worry about what you can’t control or what you can’t do.

Only focus on what is possible for you and determine to do all that you can do now to move things forward in the most significant and efficient way.

If you focus on what you can do today and simply take small steps along that pathway, you will find yourself standing in the winner’s circle more often than you expected.

Make things happen one simple action at a time.


What is the single greatest challenge standing in the way of you achieving a significant goal?

What is the one thing that you will do today to overcome that challenge?

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”


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