10 Things You Can Do To Make a Comeback In 2010

1) Forget the drama and the details and remember the lesson
Take all the emotion out of the heated conversation that you had with a coworker, business partner, or loved one and just make whatever adjustments that are necessary. Forget the minor details that didn’t matter and remember the major points that will help move things forward. There is no need to psychoanalyze your last failure, just make the needed changes. What was the lesson that you learned? Simply apply the lesson and move on.

2) Live in the moment
Dwelling on past failures is one of the biggest de-motivators that people encounter. Even dwelling on previous victories cannot help you much if you refuse to take action in the present moment. Decide to be done with the past and create something new by living fully in this moment.

3) Be patient
Rome was not conquered in a day and neither will your dreams be totally fulfilled or your goals accomplished right away. Be determined to take small steps everyday and don’t get frustrated with your progress. Be patient with the process. Beating up on yourself will not help anything. Encouraging yourself will help a lot. Patience is another word for persistence.

4) Be positive
Be an optimist. What do you have to lose? Being positive motivates. Being negative is like having a heavy weight on your back that hinders progress. Expect the best. Look for things to change for the better even if you don’t know how they will. Smile when you are tempted to frown and things will eventually come around!

5) Help someone else make a comeback
One of the greatest ways to pull yourself up is to help someone else up. What you make happen for someone else, you are also making happen for yourself. Helping others gets your focus off of your own challenges. When you help others you will also feel better. Helping others is a win-win situation.

6) Get a coach or a mentor
“There are two ways to learn, mistakes and mentors.” –Mike Murdock
A coach or a mentor will shorten the distance to any goal. When you talk to someone who has been where you are trying to go or knows more about an area in which you are struggling, your frustration factor will be significantly reduced. Your odds of being successful increase exponentially the moment you connect with a mentor.

7) Network
“Teamwork makes the dream work.” –John C. Maxwell
Some of the greatest businesses and products that were ever created took place because someone stepped out of their comfort zone and networked. Actively network with others in your field of interest. Make a practice of reaching outside of your circle whether in person or via social media. If you are the smartest person in your circle, than you are probably hindering your future growth.

8) Read
Leaders are readers. If you are going to get better at anything then you must expand your knowledge. Whether it is taking a class, reading a book, or doing on-line research recommit to being a lifelong learner. It will earn you residual benefits in the future.

9) Exercise and eat right
Commit to a consistent exercise program, even if you only walk for 30 minutes per day. The benefits of consistent exercise and proper nutrition are well documented. One of the benefits of exercise and nutrition is you will feel better. When you feel better you will want to achieve more of your goals and will have the energy to follow through.

10) Reposition yourself
Your identity is separate from your position or performance. You are not a failure just because you failed at something. You are not less of a human because you lost a contract or a job. You still have high value to offer to others. You can change your life or position or endeavor anytime you get ready. If one venture did not work out try something else. Have fun being creative with what you can be and do. Repositioning your life is simply a choice that you make. Sometimes failure is not so much about you as much as the methods that you were using. Change your methods and you can change your life.

Implement these 10 Keys and make your comeback in 2010.

Tell me your answer to the following question:
What do you think most often holds people back from achieving their goals?

Let me hear back from you.

2010 is the year for your comeback!

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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Reposition Your Mission

As you prepare to move forward into 2010, take a close look at the results of 2009.
Look at what worked well.

Look at where you can improve.

Look at the mission statement for your business, organization, or life.

If you don’t have a mission statement, consider writing one now.

If you were pleased with your results for 2009, be grateful but don’t settle.

Figure out what you can do to take things to the next level.

If you are not pleased with your results for 2009, you may not need an entirely new mission but rather reposition the one that you currently have.

Companies and celebrities that do well over a sustained period of time have learned one major key.

That key is to stay relevant.

Figure out what your customers really want. Figure out what you really want and target that with your mission.

If you do this than your mission will effectively be repositioned.

Check your results over a period of time and then repeat this process as necessary.

Manifest Your Destiny in 2010!

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist

Author, Speaker, Business/Personal Development Coach


Copyright 2009