Master Your Time, Master Your Life

Time is the new money.
If you can master 10 minutes, then you can master 10 years.

Never give your time to pursuits that take you off of your destiny path.

You reach your destination one decision at a time.

Do not worry about what you are going to do next week, take effective action in the moment that you are standing in.

Plan for the future but take action in the present.

The things that you often worry about in your future would be moved out of your way when you decide to take action in your today.

Take advantage of technology and other tools that help you to leverage your time.

Keep your goals in front of you anyway that you can, for what you see is what you desire.

Never beat up on yourself for falling off the path, merely learn the lesson and regain your focus.

If you can master your time, you can master your life.

Life is too important to waste, if you learn to master your time then you will be able to keep an adequate pace.

Comeback Questions:

What is the single greatest use of your time today?

What one thing if you did it right now would make a positive impact on your most important goal?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist