Your Comeback is Waiting on You

Setbacks are a part of life. We all face them in relationships, career, business, etc.

The question is not whether setbacks exist or will they come? The question is how we deal with them when they do?

Setbacks is a term that has been coined for things that have been perceived as impeding progress toward a destination or goal, and usually viewed as a negative occurrence.

Most people when experiencing a setback entertain thoughts of doubt, fear, uncertainty, worry and a host of other emotions.

Setbacks are not necessarily negative. Setbacks can be one of the most positive things that ever happen to you, a business partner, a co-worker, a company, or a friend. Why? Because setbacks shake the nest so that we can spread are wings and fly.

Setbacks jolt us out of comfort zones so that we can use our creative ability to find new and better solutions.

Regarding our emotions, we must remember that we are effective owners. Emotions are like employees, they must be managed for optimum results. We must manage our own emotions; no one else will do it for us.

Regarding comebacks, you can have one anytime you get good and ready. Your comeback is not holding back on you. You are holding back on your comeback. How you may ask?

Comebacks are like teammates on a winning football team. You are the quarterback calling the plays. If you don’t call the play, give the team direction, and “hike” the ball then no one else on the field will move. As a matter of fact, when quarterbacks take too long to call and start a play the referee issues a penalty called, “Delay of Game”. Comebacks are simply waiting on your creative and effective daily activity. Don’t delay your own game by refusing to take action.

What actions will you take today to move yourself closer to the goals that you really want? The dream job or client that you want is waiting. You can create or improve any professional or personal relationship that you want. You bring great value to the table, go tell somebody about it. It all requires simple, consistent, and effective action.

Your past doesn’t matter; move into today with fresh creative action. The ball is in your hands. Call the play, get the ball moving, and rack up enough points to win for today. Your comeback is waiting on you.

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist



Be the Change

Often times people feel in order for them to be happy, someone else needs to change.

Someone else needs to adjust, someone else needs to start doing something or stop doing something in order for there to be joy, productivity, prosperity, or serenity.

It is interesting that people seldom ever change enough to our liking. Business partners don’t always make the decisions that align with our preferences. Family members seem to know exactly which buttons to push on the console of our soul to set us off in a bad mood. It is almost as if our emotions are electronic dashboards or MP3s that people can push to bring up the selection or response that they want to see. These things don’t have to be. We can manage our emotions; we can live past our own feelings, and the undesirable behaviors of others.

There is a way to negate the influence of perceived negativity in our personal and professional lives. That way is to be the change that we would like to see in others.

I find that when I expect someone else to do something and they don’t do it, I am tempted to slip into a victim mindset as if they have some elusive power or control over me.

When I ignore the perceived negativity by doing the thing that I wish they would do, I find that an untapped power source is released. It’s the feeling of the entrepreneur, the business owner, the fulfilled professional, or the effective “Average Joe” that is decisive and effective. They simply will not allow the thoughts in someone else’s head to control their life, business, or destiny.

They are not rude, they are assertive and kind. They serve others by being true to their authentic selves. They are true servant leaders. A servant leader leads by being the change that they want to see in others. They do not get bitter when someone else “disappoints” them, they get better. They are not vindictive, they are supportive. They manage their relationships for optimum effectiveness and mutually beneficial results. Yes they are human but they never allow their emotions to run too high or too low. They are even keeled. They are strong because leading by example and being the change that they want to see in others builds emotional and mental muscle. They are stable, they are steady, and they are ready for whatever comes their way. They are ready because if something doesn’t align with their true desires, they are strong enough to bring change by being the change.

All of us have the uncommon ability to be change agents by the choices that we make inside of each moment. The next time you are tempted to “fly off the handle”, choose instead to be stealth and “fly under the radar”. Choose to be cool, calm, and collected”, the proper decision that you need to make will rise to the surface, it will naturally emerge.

The process of being a catalyst for positive change is powerful. Serving others by being the change that you want to see builds strength and resolve, enabling you to gain momentum on your dreams and goals. It also helps others to do the same. Guilt, shame, and blame fall helplessly to the floor when you take ownership and decide to be the change that you want to see in others. Go ahead and change your world by taking the positive actions that you want to see. Be the change agent that you were destined to be.

Question: What ways have you discovered that bring positive and effective change?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist