Shift Gears

The potential of an automotive engine is unleashed and increased by the action of gear shifting.
Regardless of the mode of transportation that you use on a regular basis there is no doubt some mechanism of acceleration involved. Otherwise, you would not be using that method of transportation.

The average person wants to get where they are going faster not slower.

The same is true for our personal and professional destinies. Destiny according to dictionary.com is “fate” or “a predetermined course of events.”

We can “predetermine” to have a positive “fate” or outcome by the actions that we choose to take on a daily basis.

We can accelerate the pace of the positive outcomes that we experience by choosing to shift gears.

We can take our innate potential, our natural strengths, our developed skill sets and shift to new levels.

When an NBA point guard is dealing with a full court press defensive scheme against him in the midst of a basketball game, he will often shift gears and “push” the ball forward faster to break the “press”. He will push against the thing, i.e., the defense, that is pushing against him in order to arrive at his desired destination, which is the other end of the basketball court in order to have an opportunity to score.

Sometimes you don’t have to “learn” something totally new in order to be effective, you just have to do what you know to do at a higher or more intense level. In sales, it is often necessary to make emphatic and convincing points with passion that effectively persuade the potential buyer. When you are speaking with a family member that doesn’t seem to respond to the 1st gear of your communication, you may find it necessary to shift up to 3rd or 4th gear until they understand where you are coming from.

Shifting gears in the midst of your day can be exhilarating and fun. It is exciting and reassuring to know that at any given moment, you have untapped potential at your disposal that you can put into play. All it takes is a decision and a corresponding action.

Assess your current situation, and determine if you need to shift gears and accelerate. It may be the very key that allows you to manifest your destiny at a faster rate.

Comeback Question:
What actions do you take when you need a “breakthrough” in a certain area of life or business?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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