Be a Giver

When you feel like being stingy, give more than you intended.

When you feel like withholding helpful information, find more people to share it with.

When someone needs a referral, don’t ponder too long, if it feels right in your “gut” go with it.

There is a breakthrough that takes you past any resistance when you choose to give to others.

What you make happen for someone else you are actually making happen for yourself.

Give without expectation that the receiver will give back to you.

It builds strength of character and uncommon confidence when you give knowing that it will eventually come back to you, but you don’t necessarily know through whom.

You will have more joy and fulfillment in your day when you choose to give to others in a positive way.

Lift someone’s spirit by giving the positive comment that you wanted to hold back.

Be the first to initiate a kind word or a smile to a friend, co-worker, associate, or total stranger, even if they don’t give it back.

Look at people when you talk to them today and really listen to what they have to say.

When you respond to that e-mail, take a little extra time and find a creative way to convey a soothing “tone”.

Your words and actions are more powerful than you could know. You actually don’t know exactly what someone else may be going through. On the exterior they may look like a kingly lion, but on the inside they may feel like a whipped pup. Go ahead and take the time today to give someone else a “pick me up”.

Forgive people more than they deserve.

Love people past their mistakes.

The return on your investment will overwhelm you in time, if you consistently pour positivity in to someone else and the challenges that they may be facing.

Be uncommon today, be a giver.

Comeback Question:

Who could use your kindness today?

What one small action could you do to help make a big difference for them?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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