Make a Good Catch

In football a good catch is not determined by how pretty, athletic, or elegant a catch was. A good catch is one that is caught, one that is held onto until the play is over. When a quarterback throws the football to a receiver and the receiver successfully catches the ball it is called a “completion”.
There are no extra points given for style or if you caught it with one hand, or almost dropped it but held onto it. The point is did you catch the ball?

The same is true for your personal pursuits or business ventures. Make a good catch, not a perfect catch, not a pretty catch, not an impressive catch; just make a catch. Start the project and complete the project.

Launch the business idea, get it started. Start the new initiative in your department. Lead your family in that exciting new direction. Go take the night or weekend class. Write the book. Start the blog. Create the new fashion line. Bake the cake. Go for the new position. Start the new fitness program. Take the vacation. Go get the new client. Whatever it is, just make a good catch. Get it started and get it completed.

Effective entrepreneurs, professionals, and people in general make good catches. They get things done. They do the best that they can at the time. They believe in excellence, not perfection.

Perfectionism may be responsible for killing more dreams than anything else.

You don’t have to be great, just good enough; good enough to get the job done with the best level of excellence that you can muster at that time.

If you were walking on a sidewalk and slipped on a banana peel but didn’t quite fall to the ground, that’s a good catch. If you did happen to fall to the ground you would probably get back up and go at it again. That is still a good catch because I am very confident that you would have learned from the slight mishap. Anytime that you learn from a mishap or a setback it’s a good catch. In our personal and professional lives there may be proverbial banana peels that seem to lie in our pathways, little “hiccups” along the way. There is no need to stop or quit, it’s merely a minor delay. Throw the ball, make a good catch, and advance your team and yourself into new victory.

Comeback Question: What is the best way to recover after a setback?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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