It Only Takes 5 Minutes

Instead of thinking about finishing the entire project; just try to do it for 5 minutes.

I use this as a tool to get any project started or to keep it moving.

I am currently writing another book. I can actually write for 2 – 3 hours or more at a time every day if I want to. I love writing. But writing is still challenging. Anything worth having or doing is a challenge. World champion athletes love the results that their efforts bring and may even enjoy their preparations and rigorous workouts. However, getting into their daily routine is still a challenge. Even though it is something that they are good at, it’s still a challenge.

For me the task of creating a book seems a lot easier and more fun to handle if I think about it as a game. A game of 5 minutes a day, that’s it. Just 5 minutes.

The funny thing is that when you commit to do something for 5 minutes, in all likelihood you will end up doing the project for a lot longer. This mental game is a way of tricking yourself into doing something and enjoying the entire process at the same time. I start for 5 minutes. I get into a zone before I know it. When I look up from typing on my laptop I smile and say to myself, “Wow! Where did the time go?”

What daunting task are you dreading? What project is trying to stare you down? Don’t think about trying to do it all at once. If you need to clean your home or apartment, do laundry, write a business proposal, review some case files, or whatever. Just take 5 minutes right now and get it started. Don’t worry about trying to finish the whole thing. Don’t worry about how big the task is and don’t fret about high pressure deadlines. Those pressures are usually created in your mind anyway. How does that image or pressure in your mind serve you?

You don’t have to feel strong and super confident. Start low and move slow. You will eventually rise higher and catch fire. The project will soar to completion before you know it.

Just try it for 5 minutes!

Question: What methods work best for you when trying to start a "tough" or "dreaded" task?

I look forward to reading your response!

Turn Your Setbacks into Accelerated Comebacks,

Craig L. Sanders
“The Comeback Specialist”

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1 comment:

  1. Craig - using this suggested method of just five minutes breaks goals down into a totally manageable goal.

    If we spent just five minutes per day on even just three goals we would be amazed at the progress we would make over the course of an entire year!