7 Reasons Why You Should Set High Expectations

No matter what difficult situation you have been dealing with and no matter for how long, you should always have high expectations for yourself and any endeavor you are involved in.
Expectation is an intense anticipation of a particular outcome.

You should always have corresponding actions that say you are expecting to see high yield results.

“Never say something about yourself that you do not sincerely want to be true.” –Brian Tracy

Do not think or say things that you do not really want to happen. If you don’t want to lose a particular account, then don’t say, “I guess I’m going to lose that long standing client. I guess there is nothing I can do about it.” If you don’t really want to lose the client, then get enthusiastic about creating a plan to keep them. If you eventually do lose the client after executing a plan to keep them, then at least you did your best. But don’t ever enter a competition or embark on a project without the expectation of winning. Without the expectation to win, you are automatically planning to lose.

Don’t fight battles that don’t have rewards.

You are highly gifted and valuable; you don’t have time and resources to waste. Choose your battles and projects wisely, and expect to succeed when you begin and end them.

Champions expect to win. I like how baseball superstar Derek Jeter says it, “I wouldn’t want to play for a team that wasn’t expected to win.”

Even if you fall back occasionally, don’t let that stop you. Get back up and start right where you left off. You are human, that means you make mistakes like the rest of us. However, humans also have the unique ability to correct mistakes. It is called the power to make a decision. Your life, business, or career will often follow the path of your decisions.

One of the most powerful decisions you can make on a daily basis is what you choose to expect for the efforts you put into a project. Expect to win. It has been said by world champion athletes that 2nd place is 1st loser. Even though we should not take this too seriously, and even though losing doesn’t make us less of a human; we should never go into a situation expecting to lose. Your body language is even different when you don’t believe you will perform well at something. When you have ultimate confidence that you will achieve a good result, everyone knows it. Even without you saying a word, people can see it.

If you are expecting to lose weight or get in shape, you should expect to succeed.

If you are trying to break a bad habit or an addiction, you should expect it to be broken.

If you are starting a new job, career, or business you should expect to be highly successful.

Put plans in place to help you succeed. Solicit the support of people who can help you, and involve people that are smarter and more successful than you. This helps to keep expectations high.

Never expect to lose, expect for difficult situations to work out for your good.

No matter how long you have been challenged in an area regarding your personal or professional life, expect for the tide to turn in your favor starting today!

Here are 7 reasons why you should always set high expectations:

1) Expectations are magnetic.

It’s amazing what happens when you have a definite purpose in mind. When you are clear on what you want and can articulate what you need in 30 seconds or less, the resources and support that you need, will flood into your life.

2) Expectations provide guidance.

Your expectations actually carve out a path that you will likely follow. Expectations are like a tour guide. A successful tour guide will lead you in the right direction and help you enjoy the ride immensely. A bad tour guide will fail to get you to your destination, and the ride will be absolutely miserable. Set high expectations that will serve as good tour guides, accelerating you toward your desired destination.

3) Expectations build motivation.

You will seldom exceed your own expectations, especially if your expectations are too low to start with. You don’t pursue goals that don’t mean anything to you. Do something about that today. If you have a goal that is not high enough to move you to action, then raise the stakes by setting a new goal. Raise the level of your expectations, and you will raise the level of your motivation.

4) Expectations fuel productive action.

You are more likely to follow through on a commitment if there is something at stake. If a key client is expecting you to deliver on a promise, then you are more likely to make it happen at a high level. Conversely, if you are considering the time and effort it will take for you to complete a trivial activity; you are less likely to follow through. High expectations will fuel productive actions that bring a big return on your investment.

5) Expectations provide clarity.

Setting low expectations is like trying to drive on a foggy day; you can’t see very far. Having low expectations for yourself or others leaves room for confusion and mediocre results. Having high expectations for yourself, a family member, an employee, or a vendor is like driving on a clear sunny day; you can see how to get to the goal very easily. High expectations clears the fog, providing a beacon of light for the pathway to accelerated results.

6) Expectations increase your success rate.

Expectations determine what targets that you hit. One way to set expectations is by what you continually say and visualize. If expectations are low, then no goals or low goals is what you will hit. Set high expectations for reaching worthy goals, and you will be more pleased with your results. High expectations help to increase your success rate.

7) Expectations are transformational.

You can transform a person, family, career, or business by setting high expectations. People will usually rise or fall to the level of expectations that are set for them. There are countless stories of people who had meager beginnings. But because someone believed in them, they were able to transform their life and change their world. You can do the same for yourself and those in your circle of influence. Transform lives by setting high expectations.

Use the above 7 reasons to set high expectations to help raise the level of your game!

What’s your answer to the following question?:

Why do you believe people often set their expectations so low?
Let me hear back from you!

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  1. Fantastic post Craig! I believe that people set expectations low in that they have a long history of doing so. At a young age are taught not to be greedy and such. "You don't need that." We are lead to believe that in all things we should not want much. As adults this is internalized and we shot ourselves in the foot so to speak. As well there are plenty of others around us supporting those low expections. I believe the productive way around all this is to surround yourself with those who support your aspirations. I realize this isn't always easy but, one might be surpised how the company we keep can thwart or advance the efforts you've outlined above.