Seeing Your Dream

Just because the nation is experiencing an economic downturn doesn’t mean you have to.

It’s time to shake yourself from the proverbial deep sleep that seems to encapsulate those around you.

Don’t look for encouragement from the media. You need to encourage yourself.

No one said that you had to stay where you are. If you are not happy with your current situation, your situation is just waiting for you to decide to change it.

If you are at a job or in a career that does not fulfill you than make plans right now to start moving towards your passion. If you have been displaced, downsized, right sized, or ostracized this is the perfect time to reposition yourself towards the direction that you really want to travel. If your business seems stagnant and static, it may be that you have not assessed the wonderful opportunities that this present economy is presenting to you. It’s time to dream. Reexamine your life, your career, and your customers. See what you’re not seeing. Make it a game and look for the hidden treasure. There is a space in the place that we call this present economy that is tailor made just for you.

Sharpen your vision. Refine your skills. Develop yourself and your business. Whatever you do, don’t stop dreaming. See your dream. Feel your dream. Work on your dream. Make your dream a magnificent obsession!

Your dream is worth the price of admission.

“Your imagination is the preview to your life’s coming attraction.” –Albert Einstein

What do you see?

Do you see lack or abundance, failure or success, opposition or opportunity?

What is your passion?

What is it that makes you come alive?

What do you think about all day?

When you are at work where would you rather be or what would you rather be doing?

Make plans right now to start moving towards your dream.

There are people that need the product that you have not created yet.

These customers are not moving towards you yet because you haven’t taken what you saw in your dream and put it on paper.

Begin the process of moving towards your true passion today.

Here are 7 Keys to Seeing Your Dream:

1) Decide what you want to create

2) Document your dream

3) Talk to yourself and everyone else about your dream everyday

4) Do one small thing every day that moves you closer to dream fulfillment

5) If the dream you just wrote down doesn’t excite you or make you uncomfortable scrap it and start a new dream

6) Place pictures of your dream all around you

7) Play music that motivates you towards your dream

Use these keys to Seeing Your Dream and enjoy the results!

Turn Your Setbacks into Accelerated Comebacks,

Craig L. Sanders

“The Comeback Specialist”

Author, Speaker, Business/Personal Development Coach

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