7 Keys to Experiencing Total Transformation

There comes a time when trying is not enough and total transformation is the only solution. Some of the problems you face would evaporate with a committed decision to change. Whether it is making your business more relevant, starting a new project at work, or creating a new personal development habit, a committed decision to change will accelerate the process.

The following seven keys will help you to experience total transformation in any endeavor:

  1. Get Clear
    Make a list of pros and cons. See your end goal with total clarity. If you are clear on what you want and why you want it than your odds for success automatically increase.

  2. Get a Plan
    “If you fail to plan than you plan to fail.” –Unknown
    Write out the necessary steps that will bring about the desired change.

  3. Take Action
    “Change isn’t change until you change.” –Unknown
    Do not wait, start the process right now. Find a way to take action immediately, it will increase your confidence immensely and move you closer to your destination.

  4. Start Small
    “Small hinges swing open big doors.” – Mike Murdock
    Break your big project into small steps. It is easier to keep your balance and avoid falling when walking up a set of stairs one step at a time. It may take you a little longer than running up the stairs but you still get to the top floor without over exerting yourself.

  5. Bounce Back
    “It’s difficult to drive forward when you are looking through the rear view mirror.” –Anonymous
    Mistakes do happen. Learn the lesson and forget the drama. Pick up right where you left off and continue to press forward. Failure is nothing more than a chance to start over with a better strategy.

  6. Celebrate your Progress
    “Never feel bad about your progress no matter how slow or small. Only be wary of standing still.” – John L. Mason
    Acknowledging and rewarding small successes helps to build momentum for future battles.

  7. Continue the Win Streak
    Now that you have experienced total transformation in one area pick a new challenge to overcome. Your string of successes will make you absolutely unstoppable.

Implement these 7 keys and enjoy the turnarounds that you truly desire.

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Turn Your Setbacks into Accelerated Comebacks!,

Craig L. Sanders
The Comeback Specialist

Copyright 2009

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