Action Plan

One written plan that you act on is more powerful than a million thoughts that you only ponder on.
What ideas have been swirling in your head that you have refused to act on?

What one thing if you acted on right now would turn your world around for the better?

What is really holding you back?

What person have you been thinking about reaching out to for assistance?

Why couldn’t you experience uncommon success?

If it has been done before it can be done again.

There is no need to add “back-story”, guilt, shame, and blame to the fact that you have not acted on a thought, simply decide what you want to create and take action now.

Today is your life, now is all you’ve got. Don’t mess up now thinking about yesterday.

This moment is the most important moment in your life, for what you do in this moment will decide what future you create.

It’s time to write down your success thought and take action on bringing it to pass.

The most effective action plan is the one that you act on.

Make it a great day.

Comeback Question: What are you allowing to hold you back from taking effective action?

Craig L. Sanders

The Comeback Specialist


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