Keys to Fearless Time Management

No matter what time management tools you choose to use, the one thing a time management system cannot do is make you do something.

A time management system cannot choose your priorities for you.

A time management system cannot help you if you don’t apply it.

What is almost laughable is that the most effective time management system is something you cannot buy in a store or on-line. You actually have had it with you all the time. It’s in you, it’s actually the power you have to choose your own actions.  It is the fearless choices that you make when you are at your best.

I actually learned some of the powerful, fearless, and effective time management principles that I am about to share with you from Steve Chandler. Steve Chandler is the author of, “The Hands-Off Manager”, which is one of the most effective management, mentoring, and personal effectiveness books that I have ever read.

He is also the leader of http://www.clubfearless.net/ which is an extraordinary business development and personal development success club that has made a profound impact on my life and business. Anyone can join and if you choose to, tell Steve that I sent you. Ask him for a free month in the club and you just might get it!

The time management system that I am about to share with you can virtually change your life and business in a relatively short period of time. Anyone can develop the skills that I am about to share with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home parent, a small business owner, a corporate CEO, a student, or a retiree. I am going to lay this powerful principle right out in the open where you are free to choose to use it or leave it.

The powerful principle hinges primarily on two things: purpose and boldness.

To be effective at completing an important project or achieving a worthy goal, you must first have a clear and concise purpose.

Steve Chandler says, “When you declare a definite purpose to the day, things will just fall into place.” For example, if you had to catch a flight to New York, you have a clear purpose with a precise deadline! If you are not at the airport ahead of time, then you will miss your appointed flight. We can call this disappointed! To be on time for a flight there are a cascade of events that naturally fall into place. You will pack your suitcase. You will set things in order at the house. You will lay your clothes out the night before. Basically, you will carefully guard this most important appointment. You will remove and prevent any impediment to the successful completion of the goal of getting to the airport ahead of time. By the way, we get ahead on projects, instead of falling behind, when we have a written plan that we refer to and adhere to.

To remove and prevent any impediments to the successful completion of this important task, you have to be bold. If someone says, “Hey, let’s go to lunch or can I stop by or let’s go to a movie, etc.” You immediately say with all outspokenness, “I can’t, that doesn’t work for me, I have a flight to catch.”

The event of catching an important flight made its way on to your calendar. This is a master key to effective time management, i.e., guarding your calendar. Only put things on your calendar that you are going to commit to do. If you are not planning on doing something, then don’t put it on your calendar. But if you put it on your calendar, then you must commit to do it.

Guard your time like it is money. Time is the new money. If you wouldn’t let someone steal your money than don’t let them steal your time!

Even if your time is allotted for relaxing; don’t let someone steal your relaxation time. If it’s on your calendar then commit to do it.

Steve Chandler says, “Things happen when you make time for them and when you commit to them.”

The last powerful key that I will share is the kicker. This key can almost instantaneously change your effectiveness for the better. The key is to do only one thing. That’s right, do only one thing.

When you are in a conversation with a friend, co-worker, or family member, be fully engaged in the conversation. Do one thing.

When you have set aside time to do an important project, whether that is to clean your basement or to create a business proposal; just do that one thing.

Act like whatever you are doing is the only thing you have to do all day; do it beautifully, relax into it, do it with all of the joy and creativity that you can muster. When that one thing is done, pick one more thing off of your list and act like it’s the only thing you have to do.  Stress will consistently roll off of your back like water off of a duck's back, when you practice the art of doing one thing.  If there are seemingly a "million" things that are staring you in the face, simply pick one, refuse to let your feathers get ruffled, and get it done.  Just the one thing; do it peacefully, do it creatively, do it completely.  Before you know it, it will be done, and while you were doing it you may find that you had fun.  It's so easy!

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, no matter what age or stage of life you are in; if you practice the above powerful keys, you will improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

In review, remember the following keys for effective time management:

1) Declare a definite and clear purpose to your day and everything else will fall into place.

2) Don’t place things on your calendar unless you intend to do them. If it’s on your calendar then you must commit to do it. If it’s important to your life, family, career, or business then put it on your calendar and do it!

3) Practice boldness in protecting your plan and focus for the day. Stay on course. Plan your work and work your plan. Act like every task is a proverbial plane you have to catch. You would rarely miss a flight. Therefore, treat every task that you place on your calendar as equally important as catching a flight. If you do this, then you will set in motion the proper cascade of events that will help insure successful completion of your task (declared purpose).

4) Treat time like it’s money. If you wouldn’t waste money, then don’t waste time. If you wouldn’t let someone steal your money, then don’t let them steal your time.

5) Learn the power of doing one thing. Even if you say to yourself that you have a "million" things to do (which very few people actually do), just pick one thing and do it with complete focus, creativity, and joy. Act like it is the only thing that you have to do all day. When you successfully complete that one thing, then pick one more thing. By the end of the day, the week, the month, or the year; you will be a pro at effective time management. Even in “hectic” environments this can work wonders and reduce stress.

Try the above keys and see what amazing things happen for your life, family, business, or career.

Question: What keys for effective time management have you discovered or what is your greatest time management struggle?

I always look forward to reading your response!

Turn Your Setbacks into Accelerated Comebacks,

Craig L. Sanders
“The Comeback Specialist”

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  1. Great post, Craig! Not what one usually thinks of when hearing "time management". Love how you opened the discussion, then led us right to setting a clear & definite purpose for the day...Purpose & Boldness...I'll remember that! :)

  2. I loved it! Everyday our lists of things to do get longer and longer and it is remembering to tackle one thing at a time that I have struggled with...cooking, answering the phone, writing an email, sorting through paper work...and the list goes on and on.

    Thank you for this post and keep them coming! :)

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