5 Reasons Why You Never Quit After a Setback

Setbacks come in many different forms. For some, a setback can be the loss of a job or a bad business decision. For another, it can be a recurring bad habit. For an athlete, it can be making a mistake at a crucial time of the game. For someone else, it could be difficulty in a relationship, a health challenge, or mental conflict. No matter what form your setback takes, there are benefits to successfully coming through them. When you are standing in the midst of a manifested comeback, you may discover that the following five reasons are why you did not quit:

1) Brilliance
You will often stumble upon your best when you successfully endure a tough test. You were made for comebacks. Setbacks help place you in situations where your genius can emerge. The brilliance of eagles can be seen soaring high above turbulent winds. The powerful fins of certain fish allow them to swim upstream against powerful currents. Your creativity will often surface when situations try to submerge you. Setbacks help you develop brilliance.

2) Resilience
“Struggle is proof that you have not been conquered.” –Mike Murdock
Making comebacks is a skill that anyone can develop. You may find that outward challenges help you to develop your inner game more than anything else. Because you are human, it is natural for you to “feel” like quitting when times get tough. However, the reason that you do not quit is because you are continually developing your “resilience muscle” with every challenge you overcome. Just as resistance builds physical muscle in weight training, persistence builds “resilience muscle” in your mental training. This is why no matter what comes against you, deep down inside you expect to win. You are increasing in resilience.

3) Confidence
Confidence, like electricity, is invisible energy. For electricity to be seen there must be something that taps it’s energy. Confidence is the same way. A natural byproduct of winning is confidence. Overcoming setbacks taps your inner resources and it shows up in the form of confidence. The more confidence you acquire the more you win. The more you win the more you expect to win. Confidence is a positive and powerful magnet that pulls you closer to your end-goal. Building unstoppable confidence within is another reason why you should stick things out until the end.

4) Experience
Some of the most valuable life and business lessons that you discovered came through an experience you had. Many learned not to hold their hand over a hot stove because of an early experience. Others learned how not to choose a business partner because of something they experienced. Some decided to become their own boss because of something they experienced. Experience is invaluable. Your early experiences of winning and losing taught you that winning is exponentially more rewarding than less desirable outcomes. Your experiences are like a personal school of success. You learn to succeed from your mistakes. You learn what not to do and you learn how to improve. You learn things through experience that are not taught anywhere else. Priceless experience is another reason why you can never quit after a setback.

5) Reward
Never fight a battle that has no reward. Remember why you entered the endeavor. You would not start something if you did not intend to succeed. Don’t stop until you do. There are many people who will benefit from your success. Achieving your goal will have a positive impact that will travel far beyond you. The reward you will receive is reason enough to never quit after a setback.

The next time you are tempted to quit after a setback, remember these five reasons and keep moving until you are standing in your comeback!

Question: What other reasons can you think of for not quitting after a setback?

Let me hear from you!

I wish you uncommon success,

Craig L. Sanders
“The Comeback Specialist”

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  1. Craig, I really enjoyed 5 Reasons You Should never Quit after a Setback! As a matter of fact, I read the article to a young adult who had just experienced a serious setback and he needed some SERIOUS mentoring...

    Thanks for the inspiration!