You Are Priceless

Gratitude is one of the most powerful qualities that we can develop.

Gratitude increases your ability to be creative.

Gratitude fills you with excitement and energy.

Gratitude gives you leverage to reach to the next level.

When you search for things you can be grateful for on a daily basis you realize how wealthy you actually are.

Partly due to the hustle and bustle of life we are not always cognizant of the good things that we have.

If you are alive and breathing and your heart is still beating it’s a good day.

If you have the ability to think and the ability to act you have more than enough to be grateful for.

If you can think than you can get out of any “negative” predicament that you may find yourself in.

I encourage you to make a list of things that you can be grateful for. Don’t take anything for granted.

If you can move your fingers and wiggle your toes you are wealthy.

How much money could someone offer you for the ability you possess to see or use your use your hands?

If someone offered you any sum of money that you can imagine for your ability to think what would you give in exchange for it?

Whenever I ask a group of people this series of questions the answer is usually the same. There is no sum of money that could buy their ability to think and act. They would not give up their mental or physical capabilities for anything!

Instead of being discouraged over something that you “think” you don’t have just remember what you do have. The cost of your life and abilities is inestimable.

Be encouraged my friend, you are absolutely priceless.

Be grateful for what you have and go create what you want.

Your possibilities are limitless.

Turn your setbacks into accelerated comebacks!,
Craig L. Sanders


Copyright 2009

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